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The Wisley is one of the UK’s top private member golf clubs. It is unique in many ways. For example, The Wisley is 100% owned by its members. The club is split into 700 shares and each one of the 700 members owns a share. Because each member is an equal owner, they all have equal rights. This means that The Wisley has always treated men and women as equals. Tournaments are mixed and there is only one club captain who can be a man or a woman. By the way, the captain also doesn’t have a special parking space and you would be hard pushed to find the typical attire like jackets and ties at the Wisley. The atmosphere is one of effortless luxury, a space to relax and enjoy on and off the course. The three 9-hole courses offer some of the best playing conditions as the course is competition ready all the time, making it an ideal place for tour pros to call their home. Whether pros or not, members share the love of golf.

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Since The Wisley opened its doors in 1992 a lot has changed and management realised that it is paramount to identify what makes The Wisley unique in order to set it apart from its competition. The Wisley’s biggest asset is of course the experience it offers to its members and their guests. The club has a natural trickle of share sales due to members having to retire from golf or moving abroad for example. The Wisley therefore constantly has to engage with an interested audience to ensure it has a short waiting list of new members to enable a speedy sale of shares. But most importantly The Wisley has to consistently exceed the highest of expectations of its members.

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In close collaboration with The Wisley’s CEO, Membership Director, and Heads of Departments, we redefined the brand strategically. The newly defined brand purpose, proposition and values needed to be reflected visually as well, resulting in us creating new collateral and a new website. We are continuously working on creating activities that help The Wisley innovate and lead. Our latest project is the launch of Upswing, a new golf magazine by The Wisley. The Ad Store UK remains the lead agency since 2016.

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“Working with the Ad Store UK has been a joy. They know what they are talking about, are service orientated and continually coming up with ideas to improve The Wisley’s brand. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted marketing partner.”

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